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Podcasting, Syndicate Your Message

Debra Simpson on Podcasting at Syndicating Your ContentSyndicating Your Content Online
Show Notes: April 16, 2012

This is the Sixth Episode of an ongoing series on Podcasting.

In this episode you’ll learn about syndicating your podcast audio and how to submit it to podcast directories.

In Episode One we talked about what a podcast is and how you can use audio to easily, and effortlessly, get new business.
Leveraging Your Message with Audio

In Episode Two you learned the basics of podcasting and some tools you might use.
Podcasting, the Basics

In Episode Three you learned how to build the foundation of your show by deciding on what type of show to hold, choosing the length of your show and the topic. There were some tips in there about outlining, or chunking your show script.
Your Show’s First Steps

In Episode Four, Ideas for Your Next Podcast, you heard several ideas about how you could use your podcast, whether for business, a personal passion, or a hobby.

In Episode Five, Podcasting, Your Show’s Structure, you heard about intros and outros, as well as how you could script your show and add more search engine visibility to your blog post.

Get Syndicating Your Content Free on iTunes!
Get Syndicating Your Content Free on iTunes!

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One thought on “Podcasting, Syndicate Your Message”

  1. Hi Debra, I have a podcast in iTunes but I haven’t bothered with Zune either. Great to hear you talking about podcasting. Nice job. Thanks.

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